A Neck Training ‘Revolution’ with Iron Neck

Iron Neck

Neck training certainly isn’t a new idea: It’s been in practice for hundreds of years among medical professionals and athletes alike. Applications and methods have varied though, as we’ve gained access to better tools and more information about the human body. Training the neck is instrumental to reducing the rate and severity of sports concussions, but it’s about improving performance as well.

In this article, we share a brief history of neck training and how it relates to athlete health and well-being. Topics covered include:

  • Evolution of neck-strengthening devices, from four way neck machines to the Iron Neck
  • Overview of common injuries that lead to neck pain, including whiplash, repetitive strain, pinched nerves, disc injuries, vertebral fracture and spinal cord damage
  • Rehabilitation and types of treatment to help with neck injuries or pain
  • Description of the role the neck plays in injury prevention in sports and in reducing concussion risk
  • Explanation of how rotational acceleration forces impact the brain
  • Overview of the Iron Neck as a means of preventing injuries and rehabilitating neck injuries and associated pain



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