5 Steps to Properly Fitting Your Iron Neck


Getting a good, comfortable fit with the Iron Neck will improve the quality of your training as well as your overall experience. Follow these 5 steps to maximize your comfort when training with Iron Neck.


1. Make sure you are using the right size

Both Standard and Large sizes adjust to fit a range of head sizes by inflating an air bladder behind the rear pad. This pushes your head forward into the soft front pad. To get the best Iron Neck size for yourself, hat size (measured from front to back) and circumference (measured just above the ears) are both great indicators. The cutoff between Standard and Large is around 7.5" hat size or 23.5" circumference. Use this hat sizing chart for reference.


2. Adjust head strap


The Iron Neck should rest just above your eye brows and top of your ears. This is an easy adjustment that once you've made once you will always know which marking is right for you.


3. Press forehead into front pad and pull over head


First, tilt the Iron Neck forward 45 degrees. Position your forehead so the bottom of the front pad sits just above the eyebrows, then pull over the back of your head. If it's your first time, you may need to adjust the head strap slightly to make sure it's in the proper position. Note: Do not pull Iron Neck straight down on your head as you may have interference with the front pad.


4. Pump it up so the fit is snug


Inflate the Iron Neck so that it has firmly grabbed ahold of your head. Once you're going through the movements, you can inflate more air or use the air release button to deflate, as necessary. Note: If you find yourself inflating the pump more than 15 times, the Standard size may be a better fit.


5. Clip in chin strap


The chin strap does not need to be tight on the chin, but rather hanging loosely underneath. It is not meant to be an anchor point, but simply a safety precaution.


Important Post Workout

1. Fully deflate when finished

It's very important that when you finish using the Iron Neck, you fully deflate the air bladder. This is done by holding the small circular air release button before pulling off of your head. 

2. Clean front and rear pad

Wipe the pads clean with any antibacterial wipe or disinfectant spray. This will help maximize the lifespan of your equipment.

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