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    Episode 1: Jim Leo and Alex Wanee from PitFit Training

    Jim Leo and Alex Wanee have built one of the world’s best motorsport training programs in the world, and they have the client list to back it up.

     In our inaugural Iron Neck Podcast, we discuss the following topics:

    - Conditions in an IndyCar Racecar: 1:46

    - Stresses on the body on oval vs. street vs. road courses: 3:54

    - Simulating physical and mental challenges from racing: 7:54

    - How the neck and core are affected by G-forces: 9:49

    - A high intensity 3 Iron Neck circuit: 13:23

    - Varying conditions across NASCAR, Indycar and Drag Racing: 15:12

    - How PitFit shifted focus during COVID: 19:09

    - Impact of cancelled Indy Lights series: 24:51

    - Lessons learned from Roger Penske: 29:07

    - What makes top Indycar drivers successful in training: 33:11

    - Memories of discovering the original 15 lb Iron Neck: 37:17

    Jim Leo is the Founder and President of PitFit Training, an industry leader in motorsports-specific human performance training as well as fitness, neurocognitive, and postural programs for all populations. Alex Wanee is Performance Director at PitFit Training and has been in the human performance industry since 2010.

    Iron Neck in the Motorsport Industry

    “The G loads on the neck change as you go through a corner. The ability to simulate these forces on the neck in our training has elevated our ability to optimize our racers’ training.”