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    Top 5 Iron Neck Mentions by Joe Rogan

    If you’re a fan of Iron Neck, you’ve likely heard Joe Rogan talk about it. While you may think Iron Neck is a big sponsor of Joe Rogan with all the nice things he says about us, Joe is, well, just a happy customer. See our top 5 Iron Neck mentions by Joe Rogan: 

    5. JRE Episode 1492 - Jocko Willink

    - June 16 2020

    Ok, the recency bias is strong here, not gonna lie! You have to understand though, it’s kind of been a dream of ours for Jocko and Joe to wax poetic on their Iron Necks and the importance of neck strength. Frankly, it’s just too badass a moment to be left off this top 5! It also confirmed for us that Jocko read our emails back in 2017!


    4. UFC Fight Night Companion 124

    - Jan 14 2020

    When the conversation about legendary MMA referee, big John McCarthy, shifts to discuss the three fake discs in his neck, Joe couldn’t help but tell everyone about his favorite new training tool/toy! This was the first time Rogan mentioned Iron Neck after buying his and he reveals some of the early history of Iron Neck, from its genesis in sports concussion prevention to early customer, Bellator fighter Aaron Pico saying that Iron Neck “turned my neck into a weapon.” You can watch the whole clip here.


    3. JRE Episode 1477 - Tony Hawk

    - May 20, 2020

    What did we learn from Tony Hawk on this JRE episode? Tony Hawk has neck problems. “What’s wrong with my neck?,” he asks. “I don’t know, 40 years of whiplash!” ‘Chicken Necks,’ as Tony Hawk describes to Rogan, have been one of his biggest ailments over his career. "A lot of my peers have more knee and ankle problems and I just realized that mine are all in my neck." This conversation sparked some cool introductions into the skateboard world, which we hope will make an impact in how skateboarders approach the sport from a training standpoint, with their long term brain health in mind.


    2. JRE MMA Show #73 - Jean Jacques Machado 

    - Aug 5, 2019


    In an April 2018 JRE podcast, after brothers Mark Bell and Chris Bell talked about their experience training with Iron Neck (see Honorable Mention below), Rogan shares one of his favorite quotes from his jiu jitsu instructor, Jean Jacques Machado: “Never trust your neck.”

    Getting feedback on our tool from a jiu jitsu legend was an opportunity we weren’t going to let slide by, so we slid into JJM’s DMs (technically we tagged him in a story from the brothers Bell podcast) and managed to get a dialogue going. A few months later he had an Iron Neck in hand. Collaborating with Jean Jacques over the past two years has helped develop many innovative BJJ-specific movements with Iron Neck.


    1. JRE Episode 650 - Nick Curson

    - May 20, 2015


    When renowned MMA trainer, Nick Curson, was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on May 20 2015, Joe asked, “What do you think about neck exercises?”

    “I love em,” replied Curson. “I got this exercise machine, you look ridiculous with it on…”

    Six months later, after we reshared a post from Curson (@speedofsport) of Jake Ellenberger beasting an Iron Neck session, Rogan first spoke to us. 


    Two weeks later we hand delivered an Iron Neck to Joe at his studio (which yes, had a pool table in it) and gave him a quick rundown on how to use it. The result: “I want to marry this thing."


    There are a lot people out there whose neck problems are a thing of the past thanks to Rogan sharing Iron Neck with more of his world.

    Honorable Mentions:


    1. JRE MMA Show #14 - Matt Brown

    - Feb 7, 2018


    "The front's for show, the back's for go." UFC journeyman Matt Brown,@iamtheimmortal, gets it. Rogan dropped some love for our “crazy” Instagram content. If tossing medicine balls with Iron Neck on your head is crazy, then we’ve lost our minds! If you’re not following us on Instagram, you can fix that immediately by clickinghere and then clicking follow!


    2. JRE Episode 1101 - Mark and Chris Bell

    - Apr 9, 2018


    3. JRE MMA Show #88 - Frankie Edgar

    - Jan 28, 2020


    Rogan and Frankie talk Iron Neck, why neck bridging isn’t so great, fighters like Corey Anderson and Cody Garbrandt doing shadowboxing with Iron Neck, and rehabbing neck injuries.