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    Single Leg RDL to Row Combo



    Anchor Height: Low

    Band Level: Medium

    Attach one medium band to a low anchor point. Facing toward the anchor point, get into a Single Leg Stance and grip the handle in your right hand with the palm facing away from the anchor point. Add an appropriate amount of tension in the band and begin the exercise with your arms extended toward the floor and tight to your sides. Perform the exercise by pushing the hips and hands back and down, while keeping your back flat. Maintain a slight knee flex in the left leg until you reach mid shin. At this point, the right ankle, knee, hip and shoulder should be in line and parallel to the ground. Stand tall then pull the handles towards the body by squeezing the shoulder blades and landing the hands at or near the rib cage. Then return to the starting position. Adjust your stance to alternate legs, then repeat cycle.

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