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    Single Leg Deadlift


    Anchor Height: Middle

    Band Resistance: Heavy


    Attach a medium to heavy band to a low anchor point. Facing away from the anchor point, get into a Single Leg Stance and grip the handle with the right palm facing toward the anchor point. Add an appropriate amount of tension in the band and begin the exercise with your right arm extended straight down to your side, right foot on the ground, and left foot lifted slightly. Perform the exercise by leaning forward with the torso and extending the left leg toward the anchor point until fully extended. Maintain an upright posture from the wasit up, shoulders back and neutral spine like an airplane taking off. Then return to the starting position. Adjust your stance so your left foot on the floor and the handle is in your left hand to work the opposite side of the body.  Tip: Balance is the limiting factor. Go slow and engage the core!

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