Pivotal For Strength And Mobility

Iron Neck provides a versatile solution to improve strength and mobility, relieve chronic pain and prevent injuries to the head, neck, and spine.


Add Another Dimension to your Training


  • AirFit Technology

    Every Iron Neck is equipped with an adjustable head strap and air pump inflation system to achieve a perfect fit on any head size and shape. The front pad is also interchangeable, allowing you to swap between the standard and large size.

  • Horizontal Resistance

    Connect the Iron Neck slider to a cable-pulley machine or resistance band to create horizontal tension. Adjust the horizontal resistance by changing the load on the pulley system or changing the amount of tension on the resistance band (standing closer to or farther from the anchor point). Because the horizontal force is being applied from such a high lever point, your entire body is engaged in isometric contraction to resist the opposing force.

  • 360 Degrees Of Movement

    Unlike other training methods, Iron Neck has a 360 degree ring that allows you to rotate in place and seamlessly shift muscle activation around the entire body. Based on the direction you're facing, different muscle groups are recruited to resist the horizontal force. Change the pivot point of your movement to isolate different areas of the body (i.e. keep shoulders square and rotate the head to focus on the neck, or twist at the hips to engage more of your core).

  • Rotational Resistance

    An added benefit in the Iron Neck Varsity and Pro models is the ability to incorporate rotational resistance into your training. A tension brake inside the slider is clamped down on the Iron Neck ring, causing friction and increasing the difficulty of the slider to move around the neck. This feature is intended primarily for contact sport athletes to increase rotational strength and add another layer of protection against concussion risk. Rotational forces can cause twisting and tearing at the brain stem. Increasing neck strength is a way to mitigate these forces.


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